—Jose Maria Castillo
Portrait Artist and Teacher

José María Castillo, is an international portrait artist, teacher, and speaker based in Naples, Florida.

Portrait Paintings
About the Artist

Castillo studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Lima, Perú. During the 70’s he relocated to New York City where he became very successful as fashion illustrator for exclusive boutiques and stores; during this time, he prepared himself as a portrait painter.

José María was an art instructor at the Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico, did demonstrations at several institutes and taught private classes. More recently he has taught at the Von Liebig Art Center and has taught private portraiture classes.

Currently living in the Naples, Florida area, he is available to show his portfolio of commissions and works in progress and share his talent. He is also available for seminars or workshops.

The artist does an interview to determine the needs of the family or corporation followed by some sketch sessions and photographic reference materials. A commitment is required prior to the sketch sessions where color schemes, size, and other factors are determined and developed for the final art work.

Jose Maria Castillo is part of Stroke of Genius and his wife Ivette Gomez is a counselor in Naples, Florida.


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1456 31ST Street S.W.
Naples, Florida 34117